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The decision to undergo elective plastic surgery is both a significant and personal one. I believe this process starts with our initial consultation where we will first spend as much time as we need to get to know each other and to discuss your plastic surgery goals. I will help you to feel free to ask me any question or express any concerns. After this conversation, you will be carefully examined so that I can learn and understand your desired outcomes. From this time together, I can formulate the right surgical plan to help you reach your optimal result.

My approach to each patient is unique and individually tailored to give you the best result possible. Because you have your own specific goals and unique anatomy, you need and deserve an individualized approach. My staff and I also carefully explain the procedure in detail, answer your questions about anesthesia and other concerns, and then discuss both your anticipated recovery and techniques to optimize your result. Because aesthetic plastic surgery is an elective procedure, I will only proceed when you have a clear understanding of the procedure and are comfortable with our plan.

An interactive and collaborative effort works best to promote a shared understanding of the desired results. During surgery, I take as much time as we need to make certain that you receive the best result that my staff and I can provide. I am committed to delivering the best possible surgical result and to make sure you are happy and satisfied.

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Dr Kapoor's office staff is friendly, caring and knowledgeable. Like Dr. Kapoor, they are committed to making your aesthetic surgery experience a positive one. As a group, they have over 25 years of experience in the field of Plastic Surgery.
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